Expert kitchen system installation and repair

Let our experienced and knowledgeable team provide effective fire prevention systems to ensure the safety of your kitchen, personnel, and patrons. Our hood systems have manual and automatic release of suppressant agents.

Reliable kitchen safety systems

  • Hood system installation, maintenance and repair
  • Service for all sizes of kitchens
  • Commercial, municipal and institutional kitchens
  • Manual or automatic actuation release systems
  • Commercial First-Aid kits maintained
  • We service at your location

Effective state-of-the-art systems and agents

These systems are designed to extinguish fires on cooking surfaces, appliances, ducts and fans with the use of a wet agent that has a low pH which can cool and extinguish the fire.

The agent will saponify, or foam up, to create an insulating barrier between the flammable grease and the air to prevent the escape of combustible vapors.